About Neco

Neco is the cryptocurrency for the common good, generating profit, providing universal basic income and protecting the climate. Our vision is to build a sustainable financial system that serves the people and the planet.
Neco is a free currency, enabling you to transfer money globally without fees. It is backed by a reserve, giving it stability and security while generating earnings of over 25% annually. We are the only cryptocurrency that has never lost value!
Neco grants a basic income to its members to reduce poverty and inequality in the world.
We protect the climate by offsetting the carbon emissions of our community.
We are a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with strong values and ethical standards. Radical transparency and honesty are core elements of our corporate culture. Our community can participate in the decision-making process through Collexa, a system of collective intelligence (CI).

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The Neco Currency


No inflation. Low volatility.


Backed by a reserve. Low risk.


No transaction fees. No interest.

The Necosystem


Universal basic income. Unconditional.


Climate-neutral. Carbon offsetting.


Quarterly earnings. Positive money without debt.

Our organization


Equality. Sustainability. Diversity. Sufficiency. Solidarity. Transparency. Stability.


No hierarchies. Separation of power.


All members have a vote. Collective decision-making.

Neco price

Neco is the only cryptocurrency that has never lost value! Characterized by a steady price increase, Neco is leading the market in profitability, stability and security.
This chart shows the stable upwards trend of the Neco price.

The Neco price is updated every quarter in a collective referendum, the Neco regulation. Its value is backed up by a reserve and increases with the reserve rate, providing a high level of stability and security. Our community collective decides how much of our profits go to social and environmental causes such as universal basic income and carbon offsetting.
Following our value of transparency, Neco publishes key financial figures such as Neco price, reserve and budgets in our monthly and quarterly reports.

Financial reports


Stackchain - a fast, efficient and secure Blockchain technology. As a climate-neutral Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Stackchain requires no mining and complies with GDPR regulations. Our vision is to build a powerful crypto platform for tokenization and decentralization.

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We have designed Neco to solve the problems of traditional currencies (so-called “fiat currencies” like EUR, GBP and USD) and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. Unlike most currencies, Neco is a free currency without fees, inflation, interest and debt, serving as a global means of exchange. Its value increases over time, providing a secure store of value.
Neco is more than just a currency - it’s a sustainable financial system that serves the people and the planet. It supports social and environmental causes by providing universal basic income and protecting the climate.
The following comparison highlights the main differences between Neco and other fiat and crypto currencies.






Fiat Currency



Costs Free of charge Banking fees Transaction fees
Long-term value Increases Decreases Fluctuates
Risk Low Low High
Volatility Low Medium High
Reserves Fractional reserve No reserve No reserve
Acceptance Global Eurozone only Global
Money creation Collective (decentralized) Banks, Central banks (centralized) Miners (decentralized)
Type of money Positive money (credit) Negative money (debt) Neutral
Financial bottom line (profit) Positive (no debt, no fees) Negative (debt, fees) Inconsistent
Social bottom line (people) Positive (universal basic income) Negative (poverty, inequality) Rather negative (inequality)
Ecological bottom line (planet) Positive (reforestation, recycling) Negative (environmental destruction, waste) Negative (massive carbon footprint)
Decision-making Collective (user community) & direct democratic Centralized (council) & non-democratic Decentralized (miners & developers) & democratic
Values Equality, Sustainability, Diversity, Sufficiency,
Solidarity, Transparency, Stability
Stability None
Type of organization Decentralized collective organization Independent government authority Decentralized autonomous organization
Organization structure Non-hierarchical Hierarchical Non-hierarchical
Separation of power Yes No No


Building a sustainable financial system takes time. After completing our protoype in 2023, the Neco project is currently in the Build phase, developing the Neco platform and building the team in preparation for our initial coin offering (ICO) in 2025.

The project will be financed through three Initial Coin Offerings (ICO):

  • Neco ICO (2025)
  • Stackchain ICO (2026)
  • Collexa ICO (2027)