The Neocracy organization

We are a decentralized collective organization (DCO) and cooperative non-profit with strong values and ethical standards. Radical transparency and honesty are core elements of our corporate culture. Our community can participate in the decision-making process through Collexa, a system of collective intelligence (CI).

Our Values

Our seven core values are: equality, sustainability, diversity, sufficiency, solidarity, transparency and stability. These values are enshrined in the Neco Constitution and enforced by our Supervisory Board, ensuring that our decisions comply with our values.



Neco was founded in 2017 by Flo Goette, a serial entrepreneur, impact investor and visionary with a track history of four successful startups.

Flo Goette

Founder and Chairman

Flo is a social entrepreneur, impact investor and visionary with a track history of four successful startups, a multi-million dollar acquisition, and his latest brainchild “Neco”, a cryptocurrency which seeks to become the next financial system. He began as a software developer at age of 18 and started his career as a serial entrepreneur at age 27. As an expert in Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and cloud computing, he has been featured in “The Top 100 People in Finance” (Top 100 Magazine) and “The 10 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs of the Year 2021” (The CIO Times) while Neco has been selected for the “50 Most Admired Companies of the year 2021” (The Silicon Review).

At age 32, Flo founded his investment company Pro Team Investment to make an impact and invest into sustainability and social good. His 3-year world trip made him realize the extent to which climate change, pollution, mass extinction of species, poverty, hunger, inequality, debt, inflation, corruption and many other issues impact the quality and security of life on Earth, and how the current financial system is exacerbating them.

The idea for Neco came while Flo ventured deep into the Amazon rainforest. He was struck by the vision of a world where people lived in peace and abundance, and the environment was healthy and thriving. And thus, Neco Finance was born—a cryptocurrency firm with a philanthropic and environmentalist twist. With the motto “People. Planet. Profit,” it combines investment with social and ecological values and delivers a positive triple bottom line.

Top 100 People in Finance
10 Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs 2021


We are hiring to build our team in preparation for the Neco ICO. We will announce the final team before the Neco ICO in 2022. We are a virtual organization of geographically dispersed teammates collaborating via the internet. With our flexible working model TTT (“triple T”), we offer good payment, great flexibility, unlimited vacation, exciting projects, lifelong universal basic income (pension) and the opportunity to profit from Neco's success. TTT stands for time, task and team. We pay you for the time you work, the tasks you complete and for good teamwork. Besides paid work, we also offer volunteering opportunities in our Neco for Future non-profit organization.