The Neocracy organization

The Neco currency and the Necosystem are governed by the Neocracy, a decentralized collective organization (DCO) without hierarchies, based on the Holacracy management system. Similar to modern democratic systems, power within our organization is separated into the executive, legislative and judicial power. The Neocracy is a direct-democratic organization, allowing our users and stakeholders to participate collectively in the decision-making process and the regulation of the Necosystem. The Neocracy is a global not-for-profit organization, managing multiple for-profit and nonprofit entities as sub-circles in multiple jurisdictions. Each of these sub-circles is self-organizing and independent. All circles within the Neocracy cooperate together following the Neocracy Codex, the DNA of our organization.


The Neocracy is based on Holacracy, a non-hierarchical management system with distributed authority where roles in an organization are structured in a system of self-organizing circles. Holacracy is a proven organizational model and has been adopted by thousands of organizations worldwide.

A Holacracy offers various advantages over traditional organizations:
- Distribution of authority instead of concentration of power at the top of the organization
- Increased efficiency, transparency and accountability within the organization
- Greater innovation and adaptability
- More flexible working model

Both our business and software development processes follow the agile methodology (Scrum) to improve customer focus, quality, predictability and responsiveness to change.


Florian Goette

Founder and Chairman

Florian Goette (“Flo”) is a serial entrepreneur, investor and activist with a track history of successfully launching and selling 4 tech startups. After selling his last startup to Silicon Valley for nearly $10 million, he embarked on a 3-year journey around the world to explore all 7 continents and study the world's cultures and ecosystems. During this sabbatical, he became increasingly concerned about our current financial system which he believes to be the root cause for our economic, social and environmental problems. In 2017, after almost 4 nomadic years of study, analysis and system design, Flo launched his cryptocurrency “Neco”. His vision is to build a sustainable financial system that serves the people and the planet.

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