Our Operating System: Neocracy

Collective Intelligence is a paradigm of Neco. Unlike current financial systems with their centralized power structures, we want to create a system where decisions are made collectively by our community without the need of middlemen or elected representatives. It’s proven that swarm intelligence trumps the intelligence of individuals.

Consequently, the Neco Finance Group is organized as a swarm organization without hierarchies and with distributed authority. Our organization model is called Neocracy, a method of decentralized management and organizational governance in which authority and decision-making are distributed throughout a holarchy of self-organizing teams rather than being vested in a management hierarchy. Neocracy is an adaptation of Holacracy, a non-hierarchical organization model developed by HolacracyOne which has been implemented successfully by over 1000 organizations in the world.

Traditional Companies

Neocracy, based on Holacracy

Job descriptions
Each person has exactly one job. Job descriptions are imprecise, rarely updated, and often irrelevant.
Roles are defined around the work, not people, and are updated regularly. People fill several roles.
Delegated Authority
Managers loosely delegate authority. Ultimately, their decision always trumps others.
Distributed Authority
Authority is truly distributed to teams and roles. Decisions are made locally.
Big Reorganizations
The org structure is rarely revisited, mandated from the top.
Rapid Iterations
The org structure is regularly updated via small iterations. Every team self-organizes.
Office Politics
Implicit rules slow down change and favor people “in the know”.
Transparent Rules
Everyone is bound by the same rules, CEO included. Rules are visible to all.

Our Team

Florian Goette


Florian Goette is a serial entrepreneur, investor and environmental activist. Dedicated to making our planet great again, his work and passions merge in his life as a cloud computing pioneer, world traveler, shark lover and founder of the eco currency Neco.

After selling his cloud computing startup “Data Scout” and gaining financial freedom, Florian left the Silicon Valley and embarked on a 3-year journey around the world to explore all 7 continents and study the world's cultures and ecosystems. During his sabbatical, he became increasingly concerned about our current financial system which he believes to be the root cause for some of the most pressing social and environmental problems, such as crime, poverty, exploitation, pollution and the extinction of species.

In 2017, after almost 4 nomadic years of study, analysis and system design, Florian launched his eco currency project “Neco”, a sustainable digital currency without interest and inflation. His vision is to collectively develop a new financial system that provides free social and environmental services - universal basic income, ecology, education, healthcare and science. The Neco Finance Group is a not-for-profit swarm organization powered by collective intelligence.

As an investor, Florian believes in renewable energy and has owned investments in solar farms, solar roadways, electric cars, energy storage and smart grid technologies. He is an early investor in Tesla Motors and an electric car enthusiast.

Florian is a committed supporter of environmental organizations such as Greenpeace, 350.org, Sea Shepherd and the global shark conservation movement. Sharks are Florian’s favorite animals. In a passionate mission to protect sharks, Florian founded Neco Media Productions to produce a documentary film about diving with sharks without fear. Florian has filmed all major shark species around the globe and captured stunning footage of marine life, erupting volcanoes and the polar regions. He is a professional drone pilot, specialized on aerial and underwater videography.

Florian loves doing action sports such as paragliding, scuba diving, kitesurfing, snowboarding and sailing. He is experienced in fighting corruption and has repeatedly investigated and exposed improper business conduct committed by large international corporations. He is passionate about breaking down existing barriers of fear and lives a life based on spirituality, sustainability and personal freedom.

Dr. Bernhard Schmalzl


Dr. Bernhard (Hardy) Schmalzl is an expert in collective intelligence, strategy development, business transformation and change management. For almost 20 years, Hardy has held senior management roles at leading international telecommunication providers. His profound experience with leadership and organizational development has made him a trusted advisor for business owners and top executives looking to improve their organization’s performance.

Hardy has developed “Neocracy”, a method of decentralized organization & management under collective governance by the community. At Neco, his responsibilities include organization, collective intelligence and business strategy.

Hardy has a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering (Munich, Germany) and a Masters degree in Business Administration (Hagen, Germany). He holds a PhD in Engineering and is Adj. Professor at the 1492.New School of Business.

He worked for Siemens' Telecommunications division for over a decade holding multiple senior management positions. Hardy managed large global teams in sales, consulting and services comprised of 300 employees. During his time at the telecommunications provider Unify, Hardy was responsible for the company's strategic service transformation program. He successfully managed multiple growth initiatives, cost savings and efficiency improvement programs, including the largest outsourcing program in the European telecommunications sector, and lead his organization through multiple reorganization initiatives.

In 2015, Hardy decided to leave the telecommunications industry and become Senior Partner of 1492 GmbH, a consulting firm specializing in collective intelligence. His focus is on strategic and cultural transformation programs of large corporations such as Daimler and Airbus. Besides his corporate clients, he enthusiastically supports startups through his 1492 Venture Capital division.

Hardy is a motorbike and convertible car enthusiast. He has been happily married for over 30 years and has three adult children. He shares his home with cats, ducks and reptiles. Hardy lives his life based on benedictine values and fully in line with Neco’s spirit of supporting good causes. For Hardy making an impact and protecting the planet is more important than money and profit.

Hans-Peter Huber

Community & Partner Manager

Hans-Peter Huber (“Hansi”) is a young and driven entrepreneur, musician and designer. Devoted to making the world in a better place, he loves taking challenges, prototyping and failing forward. As a big believer in the power of technology, Hansi created the sports network SPOYU, the PeaceTechFoundation and the OTOPIA platform.

Hansi has joined Neco in his role as Community & Partner Manager. His strong motivation and communication skills, combined with his expertise in innovation management, have made him a valuable and respected member of Neco’s core team.

Hansi grew up near Munich, Germany where he studied Mechanical Engineering and Management (M.Sc.). During his studies he worked at Siemens as a Technology Scout for Open Innovation Products. In his bachelor thesis, he researched innovative community ideas and mobility services at BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH and analyzed the market and economic success of these services. He joined ThinxNet GmbH in 2014 where he took over responsibility for business development and innovation management while researching the potential of connected car services. Through his motivation and communication skills, Hansi has been able to build a respectable network of partners, investors, and developers for the company.

Hansi is also very passionate about music, sports, tradition, nature & religion. He founded the Bavarian brass band Tromposaund with 5 friends and has frequently been performing at the Munich Oktoberfest and some of the biggest brass festivals in Europe. He founded the sports network SPOYU to connect people with similar activities from all over the world.

After visiting Israel and the killing fields of Cambodia, Hansi founded the PeaceTechFoundation and the platform OTOPIA to create more peace, love, trust, openness, equality and sustainability for the world. Driven by his motivation of making the planet great again, and guided by his values, Hansi enjoys working for good causes and growing his network of social entrepreneurs.


We are hiring! We are currently building our starting team and are looking for co-founders and qualified individuals who support our mission to collectively create a fair and sustainable global currency.

We are looking for individuals with expertise in one or more of the following areas:
- Mobile App Development (iOS/Android)
- Cloud Development (Amazon Web Services)
- Blockchain Development & Crypto
- Data Management & Information Technology (Enterprise Software)
- Banking & Finance
- Fundraising & Crowdfunding (Kickstarter/Indiegogo)
- Social Media Marketing (Facebook/Twitter)
- Video Marketing & Editing
- Team assistants / Virtual Assistants
- Legal advisors (Regulation & Taxes)
To apply for a job at Neco, please send an email with your resume to jobs@neco.finance.

Become part of our team and enjoy the benefits of working in a non-hierarchical organization.

No hierarchy. No boss

You work in and for your team. Every team self-organizes. Authority is truly distributed to teams and roles. Decisions are made locally. All co-workers are equal and you won’t have a boss you don’t like.

Agile Organization

Our organization is flexible and utilizes agile methodologies like Scrum for project management and software development. Roles are defined around the work, not people. People can fill several roles.

Remuneration based on Time, Task and Team

Get paid using our flexible TTT (Time, Task, Team) remuneration model. Your income depends on the hours who work, the tasks you complete and a bonus from your team. Together with your team, you can decide which tasks to work on and how much time to put in.

Flexitime & Unlimited Vacation

Enjoy working from home or as digital nomad, part-time or full-time. Unlike traditional companies that treat their employees like slaves, we want you to be free, happy and productive. While we try to be as flexible as possible, some conditions apply. Your team still needs to approve your vacation and work hours.

Leadership & Vision

Our organization is driven by our vision to collectively develop a fair financial system that generates social, ecological and economical value. As a non-profit organization, we want to provide a free and transparent digital currency that is sourced and controlled by our community. Our company culture reflects our values - sustainability, solidiary, stability, sufficiency, diverity, equality and transparency.

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