About Neco

Neco is an eco currency designed for a better future of mankind! As a non-profit organization, we want to provide a free and transparent digital currency that is sourced and controlled by our community. Neco provides funding for common welfare such as education, healthcare, science, conservation, green technologies and generates universal basic income. We follow the example of Bhutan and measure prosperity by gauging our Community Happiness levels.


Universal​ ​Basic​ ​Income

Active members receive free basic income. Conditions apply


Fund organizations, support
your causes and earn money for it

Community Rewards

Receive rewards for purchasing sustainable
products and supporting our community


We provide incentives for ecological products, technology and behavior


We strive for sustainability, not for exponential growth


The value of the Neco is tied to natural resources


We are funded through donations and don’t charge direct fees.


Our system is highly secure with full privacy control and theft protection.

No​ ​Inflation

We aim for 0% inflation through an effective inflation control system

No​ ​Interest

We think that interest is usury so we got rid of it

Our Mission

We create a sustainable global currency.

Our vision is to collectively develop a fair financial system that generates social, ecological and economical value.

Our Values

We are committed to building a currency system that follows our core values:



We have designed Neco to overcome the flaws of our existing currency systems (so-called “fiat currencies” like dollars, euros, pounds, pesos) and the growing cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.). The following comparison highlights some of the main differences between Neco and these other currency systems.




the eco currency

Fiat Currencies



Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc

Money created by Everybody (crowd) Banks & financial institutions Mining groups
Regulated by Everybody (crowd) Government authorities Unregulated
Motivation & Driver Sustainability Consumption Consumption
Value Resource-based No real value No real value
Volatility Low Medium Very high
Interest Zero Variable Variable
Inflation Zero 2% or more 2% or more
Fees No direct fees Usage, transaction and conversion fees Usage, transaction and conversion fees
Ease of Use High (easy to use) Medium (somewhat difficult) Low (complicated)
Security Risks Low Medium High
Transparency High Limited Low
Typically used for Digital payments, long-term investments Legal tender, speculation Short-term speculation, illegal activities
Network & Trust Trusted cloud computing network,
secured by crypto technology
Centralized on-premise network Untrusted, decentralized network,
secured by crypto technology (Blockchain)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Neco is a digital currency but not a cryptocurrency. With Neco, money is created collectively by all members for social or ecological causes. With Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, money is created through “mining” by mining organizations using Blockchain technology. Neco is a community currency, meaning it is issued, accepted and controlled by the entire Neco user community. Bitcoins are issued and controlled by “miners”, that is owners of mining computer hardware. Think of Neco as Bitcoin 2.0 - a better version of Bitcoin with additional economical, ecological and social features. For more details on the differences between Neco and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, please review our currency comparison.
We will be offering Neco at discounted rates starting in 2018. You will be able to buy Neco at a fixed conversion rate to any major currency. We will accept payment through credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal. For more details, please visit Getting Started. Subscribe with your email to receive regular updates about the Neco and its availability. Or follow us on Facebook.
All you need to pay with Neco is the mobile app and a Neco account. Send or receive money to or from any Neco user globally using name, email, phone number or Facebook handle - instantly and without fees. You can also pay in local “fiat” currency using the Neco credit card. Regular credit card fees apply. For more details, please review Getting Started.