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Collectively creating a sustainable digital currency takes a little time. We believe that quality trumps time so we follow a milestone-based approach to design, build and test the Neco thoroughly.


At each milestone, our community will collectively decide on the features for the next milestone. And with each milestone, the guaranteed value of the Neco will increase until it reaches its target value of 1.00 USD at the official launch date. From then on, the conversion rate of the Neco will be adjusted periodically to compensate for the average global inflation.

    Here are key dates you may want to remember:

  • - Pre-Sales of Neco starts beginning of 2018. You can buy Neco at a pre-launch discount rates of up to 40%.
  • - Beta Testing starts in Q3/2018 with a selected group of beta testers.
  • - Beginning of 2019, we will launch Neco in a pilot phase in Germany.
  • - Beginning of 2020, Neco will be rolled out to other countries globally.