Universal​ ​Basic​ ​Income

Active members can sign up for and receive universal basic income. Our community defines the conditions and sets the limits based on our organization's liquidity.


Every member of our community can create new money for welfare organizations such as charities, non-profit or conservation organizations.

Community Rewards

Collect “Globes” as rewards when you purchase environmentally-friendly products, save resources or support our community. The more Globes you collect, the more new money you can create, donate and receive. Share and exchange your Globes with peers.


Neco is eco-friendly. Our payment system requires no paper, no plastic and emits no carbon dioxide. Our computer systems are designed for energy efficiency and are powered by renewable energy. We offset the remaining carbon from our operations to leave a net zero carbon footprint.


We understand that exponential growth is impossible on a planet with finite resources. We believe that economic progress does not require more consumption but a better use of our resources. Sustainable growth and progress requires more social and environmental services such as conservation, science, green technologies and education.


We introduce the “Food Standard” by tying the value of one Neco to a basic daily ration of food. Our members are encouraged to follow our value recommendations for key resources. We promote mindful consumption and saving of resources. Members are rewarded for recycling of resources like paper and plastic.

Free Banking

Being funded by donations, we do not charge transaction fees and offer free global banking. We support all major fiat currencies - dollars, euros, pesos, etc. Pay globally with your phone or card. Instant payment with no charges within the Neco community. We partner with accredited local banks that support our community and share our vision.


Security and privacy are cornerstones of our system. We help protect buyers and sellers by providing a secure and trusted payment platform with money-back guarantees. Our users retain full control over their personal information and no information is shared without their consent. We want to exceed the highest security & privacy standards in the industry.

No inflation

We believe that inflation is taxation without legislation, so we want to eliminate it. The Neco is designed as a stable, non-volatile currency that compensates for inflation. We guarantee conversion rates to all major currencies and eliminate currency speculation.

No​ ​Interest

We believe that interest is usury. It makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. So we want to eliminate it. In our system, money is created without debt and interest. Members can safely lend each other money without carrying a risk of payment default. Instead of interest, lenders can receive a linear fee for lending their money to others.


We have designed Neco to overcome the flaws of our existing currency systems (so-called “fiat currencies” like dollars, euros, pounds, pesos) and the growing cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.). The following comparison highlights some of the main differences between Neco and these other currency systems.




the eco currency

Fiat Currencies



Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc

Money created by Everybody (crowd) Banks & financial institutions Mining groups
Regulated by Everybody (crowd) Government authorities Unregulated
Motivation & Driver Sustainability Consumption Consumption
Value Resource-based No real value No real value
Volatility Low Medium Very high
Interest Zero Variable Variable
Inflation Zero 2% or more 2% or more
Fees No direct fees Usage, transaction and conversion fees Usage, transaction and conversion fees
Ease of Use High (easy to use) Medium (somewhat difficult) Low (complicated)
Security Risks Low Medium High
Transparency High Limited Low
Typically used for Digital payments, long-term investments Legal tender, speculation Short-term speculation, illegal activities
Network & Trust Trusted cloud computing network, secured by crypto technology Centralized on-premise network Untrusted, decentralized network, secured by crypto technology (Blockchain)

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