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About Neco

We have launched the Neco project to address global challenges like debt, poverty and climate change. Our objective is to create a better future for all living beings on Earth. We believe that the major issues of our times are either caused by the financial system, or could be solved by a better one. Instead of trying to fix the existing system, we have designed a new, sustainable system that supports the PPP principle - people, planet and profit. We have created a stable currency to provide the funding for global solutions to our ecological, social and economic problems. This new and improved system is managed democratically by a decentralized collective organization.

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The Neco Currency


No inflation. Low volatility.


Backed by a reserve. Protected against bankruptcy.


No banking fees. No interest.

The Necosystem

Positive money

No debt. Funding for good causes.

Universal Basic Income

Receive monthly basic income. Available for all users unconditionally.

Climate Action

All users have a vote. Decision-making using collective intelligence.

Our organization

Our values

Equality. Sustainability. Diversity. Sufficiency. Solidarity. Transparency. Stability.


No hierarchies. Separation of power.


All users have a vote. Decision-making using collective intelligence.

Our Values

Our values and a strong ethical code are an integral part of our organization. We have taken inspiration from various constitutions, legal frameworks and international agreements and compacted this wisdom into the DNA of our organization. The Neocracy is built upon the democratic cooperative business model rather than the capitalistic shareholder model. Our seven core values are: equality, sustainability, diversity, sufficiency, solidarity, transparency and stability. These values are enshrined in the Neco Constitution and cover all three parts of the triple bottom line (TBL) - ecological, social and economical. It supports the PPP principle for people, planet and profit.



We have designed Neco to overcome the flaws of our existing currency systems (so-called “fiat currencies” like dollars, euros, pounds, pesos) and the growing cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.). The following comparison highlights some of the main differences between Neco and these other currency systems.






Fiat Currency



Fees & costs Free of charge Banking fees Fluctuates
Long-term value Increases Decreases Unregulated
Stability Stable Inflationary Speculative
Volatility Low Medium High
Reserves Fractional reserve No reserves No reserves
Acceptance Global Eurozone only Global
Money creation Collective (decentralized) Banks, Central banks (centralized) Miners (decentralized)
Type of money Positive money (credit) Negative money (debt) Neutral
Financial bottom line (profit) Positive (no debt, no fees) Negative (debt, fees) Negative (since 2018)
Social bottom line (people) Positive (universal basic income) Negative (poverty, inequality) Rather negative (inequality)
Ecological bottom line (Planet) Positive (reforestation, recycling) Negative (environmental destruction, waste) Negative (massive carbon footprint)
Decision-making Collective (user community) & direct democratic Centralized (council) & non-democratic Decentralized (miners & developers) & democratic
Organization structure Non-hierarchical Hierarchical Non-hierarchical
Separation of power Yes (executive, legislative, judicial) No No
Values Equality, Sustainability, Diversity, Sufficiency,
Solidarity, Transparency, Stability
Stability None
Type of organization Decentralized collective organization Independent government authority Decentralized autonomous organization